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The Product Profile | RTM Paname

Welcome to « The Product Pro-File » at Kayak Session! This new section is all about helping paddlers learn more about the latest products on the paddlesports market. By chatting with designers and experts within the brands, we uncover the design and function behind these products. Explore the stories, craftsmanship, and innovative features that make these products stand out. Join us as we bring you exclusive insights to help you to make the right decisions for your paddling sessions.

We got to chat with Damien Garreau where we managed to gain a better insight into the Paname. The latest Kayak Cross product to be brought to RTM’s kayak line.

Damien Garreau – Sales and Marketing Manager of Rotomod

Damien has been kayaking since 1986 and has a passion for the sport. He has been part of the team at Rotomod for a number of years now and was the Project Coordinator for the Paname.

When did we see the Paname release into RTM’s kayak line?

The Paname appeared in the RTM range at the end of 2022. As soon as Kayak Cross was announced as an Olympic discipline, we wanted to offer a kayak dedicated to this activity. Several partners contacted us over the past two seasons, but we wanted to produce our own kayak, under the RTM brand. So we collaborated with the French slalom team athletes and asked ZIG ZAG (a renown slalom boat designers with several world titles under its belt), to design the Paname.

RTM Paname shooting off the ramp | Photo courtesy of Kim Jones

What makes the Paname different compared to RTM’s previous boat designs?

RTM and DAG have been offering river kayaks, sit-on-tops for individuals and professionals, sea kayaks and touring kayaks for almost 40 years. DAG had a strong image for downriver racing in the 80s with several World Championship Titles and also freestyle kayaks in the 90s. We hadn’t released any river-specific products for several seasons. The fact that Kayak Cross is an Olympic event, and a French one at that, encouraged us to come up with a new kayak. One of the important points of the Paname is the notion of sporting performance, which is not the case for our other boats in our ranges, which focus above all on comfort, stability, ease of steering…

For our usual kayaks, we use solution-dyed high-density polyethylene. For the Paname, we use Super Linear polyethylene, offering greater rigidity, shock resistance and abrasion resistance.

Can you highlight some of the key features that make the Paname unique?

The Paname was born from the athletes’ feelings. The idea was to have a cross-country kayak that was as close as possible to a slalom kayak, so as not to alter the reference points. The Paname is a kayak with a volume distributed in such a way as to keep the kayak above the water and at maximum speed for as long as possible, while remaining easy to navigate. The paddler remains focused on propulsion.

Paname Features Diagram

Is the Paname mainly designed to be a kayak-cross boat, or can it be used for river-running also?

The Paname is an excellent river kayak up to class 3 or even class 4. It’s playful, and allows you to learn whitewater without having an oversized kayak. It’s also an excellent surfer.

Paname in action on whitewater | Photo Courtesy of @carpediem_kayak

From complete beginners to advanced kayaker who is the Paname best suited for?

For everyone! The Paname is declined in two volumes, so that paddlers feel as comfortable as possible in their kayaks. The beginner has the pleasure of discovering a small, comfortable and easy-to-navigate kayak. The expert will have the leisure to accentuate speed and performance during his sessions.

What were the key steps considered in the testing process of the design?

As mentioned above, we started from the feelings of slalom kayak athletes, both men and women, who wanted a kayak that was close to their slalom kayak, round and easy. Pierre-Alain CLERC of ZIG ZAG listened to the athletes, Boris Neveu, Benjamin Rénia, Théo Desvignes, Emma Vuitton and national coach Frédéric Rébeyrol, to create various prototypes over the summer of 2022. ZIG ZAG specializes in composite kayaks, with prototypes designed in composite and tested by athletes. Then Rotomod stepped in with Cédric GUILLARD, project manager for product development, to transpose the feasibility and technical realization of the future polyethylene kayak using the rotomolding process, and especially for the creation of the molds.

Paname in action with Benjamin Rénia | Photo courtesy of Bence Vekassy

How does the Hull design on the Paname affect it’s tracking and stability on water?

The project group was able to refocus all the athletes’ requests in order to distribute the kayak’s volume so that it remained stable, fast and above the water, as well as in the optimum layout.

What is the difference between the ‘Paname’ and the ‘Paname S’?

We wanted to create the Paname S so that smaller people could express themselves to the full. The Paname S is 60 cm wide and has a volume of 207 liters. This allows paddlers to be as close as possible to their embarkation, promoting kinaesthetic sensations.

Does RTM make efforts to minimise the environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of materials?

The ROTOMOD company has been committed to an eco-responsible approach for over 20 years by sorting production surpluses and recycling. Since 2018, we have integrated sorting and recycling internally; We shred our production surplus and also welcome end-of-life boats from our partners. We shred the material. The shredded material is then processed and micronized. The recycled and regenerated polyethylene powder is then used in production. Our Sit On Top kayaks contain 20-30% recycled polyethylene. The Paname seat and footrest are made from 100% recycled material. Finally, the Paname is 100% recyclable.

Check Out the Paname on RTM’s Website Here

Paname Walkthrough Video


Check out below some technical specs for the Paname and Paname S below! Including the features, colours and much more.



Length : 274 cm
Width : 63.5 cm
Weight :18 kg
Capacity : 1 person
Max charge : 239 Liters
Paddler weight : 70/85 kg


White, Red & Blue

Paname S


Length : 274 cm
Width : 60 cm
Weigth :18 kg
Capacity : 1 person
Max charge : 207 Liters
Paddler Weigth : 55/70 kg


White, Red & Blue

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