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The Product Pro-File | PEAK PS Smok & Hoody

Welcome to « The Product Pro-File » at Kayak Session! This new section is all about helping paddlers learn more about the latest products on the paddlesports market. By chatting with designers and experts within the brands, we uncover the design and function behind these products. Explore the stories, craftsmanship, and innovative features that make these products stand out. Join us as we bring you exclusive insights to help you to make the right decisions for your paddling sessions.

We got to chat with Head of Custom Gear and Designer at PEAK PS Paul Ramsdale where we managed to learn a bit more about the new Smok and Hoody. The latest products to be brought to Peak’s kit line.

Paul Ramsdale – PEAK PS Designer and Head of Custom Gear

Paul has a healthy amount of paddlesports experience with his main disciplines being Canoe Slalom and Raft Racing. Some of his achievements include; Sprint Silver Medal 2011 Rafting World Champs, H2H Bronze Medal 2014 Rafting Euros Champs and Sprint Silver Medal 2016 Rafting Euros Champs.
Today, Paul plays a main part as designer for the custom gear that Peak produces, You will see the British Canoe team rocking Pauls design!

When was the PS Hoody and Smock released into Peak’s jacket line?

We unveiled both the PS Smock and PS Hoody jackets at the 2022 Paddlesport Show in Lyon. The jackets made their way out to stores in the spring of 2023.

Peak PS Hoody (left) and Smok (right)

In which category of paddle sports do you place these jackets? Are these jackets for anyone, on and off water?

These jackets in our opinion belong firmly in the Multi-sport category.

We refer to them as ‘Master of All, Jack of None’, as they perform perfectly in many different environments.

Whether that be on the water – in a kayak, canoe or on a SUP, or whether you are out in the hills on your bike or taking the dog for a walk.

What specific features and design elements can we see on these 2 new products that we may not have seen previously?

For the Smock jacket, we have designed an internal neck baffle with ventilation grid, that sets this jacket apart from others as a truly waterproof garment. As the full length of the neck zip is sewn to our recycled nylon fabric, both left and right seams of the zip are seam sealed – a break from the norm for jackets of this style. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, the PS Smock with its ‘helmet ready’ neck hole, can be put on whilst still wearing a kayaking or biking helmet, very handy!

We designed the PS Hoody to be ever so slightly bigger in its cut compared to the PS Smock, to allow to be worn with more or heavier weight layers underneath. The Bioprene wrist seals with adjustable Velcro closures set this jacket apart from others, as one that will perform really well whilst on the water and offer a warm wrist seal for all other activities.

Reflective logos used on both models gives an added level of safety and visibility in low light conditions. 

Hoody and Smok Features Diagram

What steps have been taken to ensure both jackets durability and resistance to wear and tear?

As with all of the equipment within our catalogue, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing equipment that will not only perform well but last well beyond initial expectations. The development of the PS Smock and PS Hoody jackets has been no different. These garments have been subject to the same rigorous fabric and seam tape testing and evaluation standards as all our other garments have.

In recent years we’ve been mindful to reduce the number of seams within a garment, as this will reduce any potential issue areas and ultimately increase the longevity of the item. Whilst at the same time still striking a balance of being economical in our pattern lay plans, for when the jacket hits full production.

Hoody in action off the water | Photo Courtesy of PEAK PS

Are there any environmentally friendly materials in the Hoody and Smock during the production process?

We’ve adopted the use of fully recycled textiles where possible in our range, as such the PS Smock and PS Hoody are both manufactured using an x2.5 recycled nylon fabric, that features a CFC free DWR finish. The wrist seals are constructed using Bioprene, which is neoprene manufactured from natural and renewable resources – such as seashell powder. The top and bottom face nylon fabrics of our Bioprene seals are made from recycled yarns, so an all-round win!  

The PS Smock and PS Hoody, as with all of our items, comes with zero packaging. A recycled /recyclable hangtag card is attached using a biodegradable hemp cord, the item will be sent out in a recycled cardboard box, sealed with paper tape – and that’s it!

Smok and Hoody in action | Photo Courtesy of PEAK PS

Check Out the Smok on Peaks Website Here

Check Out the Hoody on Peaks Website Here


Check out below some technical info on the Smok and Hoody! Including the features, colours and much more.



  • Articulated cut with bent elbows
  • Fully taped seams
  • Breathable and durable X2.5 lightweight recycled nylon with 10m waterproofing
  • CFC free DWR finish
  • Half zip opening featuring ventilation grid on the inner baffle
  • Fleece lined neck
  • Aquaout sustainable Bioprene wrists
  • Drop tail, high front cut with elasticated drawcord waist
  • Right hip pocket with gear loop, plastic zip slider and sewn drainage holes
  • Recycled YKK zips
  • Reflective logos· Helmet ready
  • Great on and off the water
  • Weight (M) : 310g


Black & Teal, Teal & Red

Smok Colours



  • Articulated cut with bent elbows
  • Fully taped seams
  • Breathable and durable X2.5 lightweight recycled nylon with 10m waterproofing
  • CFC free DWR finish
  • Water resistant YKK Aquaguard full front zip opening and twin frontpockets with gear loops, plastic zip sliders and sewn drainage holes
  • Aquaout sustainable Bioprene wrists
  • Drop tail, high front cut with elasticated drawcord waist
  • Reflective logos
  • Great on and off the water
  • Weight (M) : 475g


Black & Teal, Red & Teal

Hoody Colours

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