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The Lohit Attraction, India (The Golden Age of Kayaking Ep. 4 )

After kayaking several amazing multiday rivers in the state of Meghalaya, the crew decided to upsticks and head on search for my dream river!
Arunachal Pradesh is India’s most Northern Eastern state. It’s filled with huge Himalayan mountains that give way to the epically contrasting flat lands of Bangladesh. The brilliant ‘Film Last Decent’ first captured my attention about The Lohit river. Which looked simply too good to be true! But with dam construction underway I believed that a film would be as close to the Lohit River as I would ever get.

Beta on the ground suggested our chances to kayak this river would be unlikely due to large amounts of military presence in the area. But we commited to three day drive, with hope as our flag.

The Lohit Dam did not appear to be massively underway….. good news for now.
The bad news is, these big rivers are not going to be free flowing for much longer. That is sad.

Paddlers: Mike Bell, Jake Holland, Michael Reeder and Riley Best

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