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The Kayak Session Paddlers Awards 2018 – The Contenders

For the first time, Kayak Session Magazine organizes the Paddlers Awards. These awards are there to do justice to all the paddlers out there ripping it up and sharing with us all year around their incredible performances. The judging is based on the past 12 months (January through December). There are 7 categories: Male & Female Paddler of the Year, Male & Female U21 Paddler of the Year, Event of the Year, Non-Profit of the Year, and one Award that we specifically care a lot for, the honorary award: Legend Paddler Award.

The Jury
Vavra Hradilek (Cz Rep.), Mike Dawson (Nz), Rush Sturges (Usa), Capo Rettig (Usa), Jules Domine (France), Clay Wright (Usa), Sam Ward (Uk), Anna Bruno (Usa) & Philippe Doux (France) – Each member of the jury gives his winner in each category. Contenders with the most votes win their category.

Winners announcement schedule:

Dec 10th: Non profit of the Year & Event of the year
Dec 11th: Female and Male Rookie of the Year
Dec 12th: Honorary Paddler of the year
Dec 13th: Female Paddler of the Year
Dec 14th: Male Paddler of the Year

Paddling Legend Awards 2018: Scott Lindgren (Usa)

Male Paddler of the Year
Aniol Serrasolses (Spain)
Ben Stookesberry (Usa)
Dane Jackson (Usa)
Adrian Mattern (Germany)
Sven Lammler (Switzerland)

Female Paddler of the Year
Nouria Newman (France) Tied
Jessica Fox (Australia) Tied
Martina Wegman (Netherlands)
Nicole Mansfield (Usa)
Adrienne Levknecht (Usa)

Men U21 Paddler of the Year
Tom Dolle (France)
Luke Pomeroy (Can)
Andrew Oxley (Can)
Owen Doyle (Usa)
Hayden Voorhees (Usa)
Jeremy Nash (Usa)

Female U21 Paddler of the Year
Darby McAdams (Usa)
Sage Donelly (Usa)
Ottilie Robinson-Shaw (Uk)
Katie Fankhouser (Usa)

Event of the Year
North Fork Championship (Usa)
The Green Race (Usa)
Devils Race (Cz rep.)
King of the Alps (Italy)
Malabar River Festival (India)
Unleashed Vs Uganda (Uganda)

Paddling Non Profit
SBP Program (Spain for the World)
Team River Runner (Usa)
American Whitewater (Usa)
The Free River Fund (Europe)


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