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The Ditch 2 – Back For More!!

The Echo Productions crew are back at ‘The Ditch’ in Lion’s Bay, BC. Their return after running The Ditch back 7 months ago!
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you flip on this run? As we have, and now we know the outcome… Watch and find out!

« Back at the infamous ‘DITCH’, this time with Quiksilver, Capturing these epic moments, adrenaline filled smiles and some carnage! As we learned the hard way third time ain’t always the charm. The question we alway get is what happens if you flip? i guess we know now… It hurts. Well worth every second of stoke.
The Boys:   / jarrah_the_anderson    / stu.telfer    / joehb_  
A massive thank you to Tom and Megan for running logistics and bringing the stoke for what was a cold overcast day. »

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