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Short Film of the Year Awards 2023 – Final Results Announced

We’re stoked to announce Entry #31 WE ARE SEND 2 by Bren Orton/Send is the winner of the 2023 Short Film of the Year Awards, walking home with a $1500 cash prize. In 2nd place is Entry #4 The Rio Tapajós by Luke Pomeroy getting a $700 cash prize. Finally in 3rd place is entry #28 Emotions by Emile Lalonde. taking away a $300 cash prize. The final results are based on online votes for 50% and the judges call for 50%. A huge congrats and thanks to all 31 film-makers who entered the 2023 contest. The 2024 Short Film Awards resumes in February 2024.

With filmmakers spanning the globe, the Short Film of the Year Awards have successfully achieved the international status we envisioned at the contest’s inception. It is now seen as the reference for film producers around the world, and TV broadcasters alike when it comes down to paddlesports film production.

The exceptional level of quality presented a formidable challenge for both judges and voters in determining the winners, making it a close call, to say the least.

NB: 50% is based on a panel of whitewater and filmmaking professionals, 50% based on online votes.

The Jury:  Philippe Doux (FR), Clay Wright (USA), Mylo Nicholas (FRA), Ben Stookesberry (USA), Ashnley Peel (USA), Anna Bruno (USA), Luca Dapra (ITA), John Haines (UK), Josh Dias-Smith (UK)

1st Voted Best 2023 Short Film of the Year: 
WE ARE SEND 2, by Bren Orton / SEND – $1500 Cash Prize

2nd Place
The Rio Tapajós, by Luke Pomeroy – $700 Cash Prize

3rd Place
Emotions, by Emile Lalonde – $300 Cash Prize

4th Place
Turbulences, by Jeremy Nash

5th Place
UPPIE LOUIE, by Seth West

6th Place
The California Calling, by Josh Scarlett

7th Place
The Stakeout, by Caleb Roberts

8th Place
The 4th Element, by Etienne Beland/High4Productions

9th Place
Funemployment Tour, by Spencer Becks

10th Place
Let Me In, by Frankie Fasthand

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