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Senders EP03 | Californian Whitewater Kayaking!

Check out the latest edit from Senders, EP3 – Bren catches a last minute flight out to Cali to meet up with Dane Jackson and bag a Royal Flush in the Royal Gorge in just one day!!
After getting a minor injury and after taking a few days rest Bren gets back out to get some more Cali classics, make sure and check this out!
If you haven’t seen the previous 2 Ep’s make sure to check them out also!

« I turned and burned from Norway to California the second that Dane told me the Royal Gorge was coming in. This was one of the rivers I dreamed of kayaking down when I was stuck in school, in Warrington. It’s got a tight window for flows so you have to be ready to go when it drops in. Linking up all five of the big waterfalls is known as a Royal Flush and is one of the pinnacles of the sport.

Dane got his Royal Flush in a few days before I arrived and dropped in again just to do safety and film for me, as well as show me the lines on the endless rapids down this 45 mile section.

A bit of downtime after the biggest, sickest day of kayaking of my life and then back to it on the Kern Cataracts! Currently waiting out high water levels before I can film the next episode.

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Bren Orton

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