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Samana Fest, 1st Ever Colombian River Festival

From the 12 th to the 15 th of February, in Antioquia, Colombia, will be held the first annual Samana Fest !

The concept of this new festival is somewhat different from the other kayaking events because it offers is a 4 day journey trough the colombian backcountry ! Along the way, participant will get to experience some world class whitewater, pristine wilderness and an international music scene !

The goal of the festival is of course to bring maximum enjoyment to everyone, but also to raise awareness about hydroelectric projects that threatens most of the free flowing river in Antioquia, including the Samana !

Starting in Medellin, the festival will begin by loading up in traditional Chiva trucks for a 2 hours ride to the put in. The seats of the trucks have been removed and a powerful stereo installed , turning the vehicle into a moving dance floor ! After spending the night in a river side colonial house, kayakers and rafters will embark for a 2 days trip trough the heart of the colombian jungle !

The Samana is the local river queen, big and powerful, constricted between carved low granite walls. Her waters eroded their way out of the mountains, creating a deep valley cloaked in dense jungle. Small crystal clear creeks cascade into the Samana, with hidden waterfalls and pristine swimming pools. The beauty of nature is equaled only by the quality and smoothness of the whitewater. This 40-km swath through the mountains is packed with big water class 4 and the pool-drop character allows a wide range of paddlers to safely enjoy the run! After a solid day of paddling, the festival will stop in a small « Vereda » named Provenir, where the second night will be spent !

This is also the proposed site for « proyecto porvenir 2 » a huge hydro-power project! If the project is approved, the entire section will despair ! Next day, an other 2 hours of world class Whitewater awaits ! Once at the take out, participant load up once again in the Chiva trucks and rally to a near by « Finca » ( Colombian farm) for the closing party. The night will begin by a massive feast and around 9 Pm the music will kick off ! Artist coming from Colombia, France and Canada will give out their best all night long ! Return to Medellin planned around 3 PM on the 15 th ! Enjoy !

What to bring : a watercarft (rafts can be arranged for non-kayakers) and overnighter gear ( tarp/ hammock/dry bags) !

Transport, lodging, food and music organized by Expedition Colombia !

For more information contact : info@expeditioncolombia.com


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