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Mission East to West (Nepal) #3 – Kalchakra

Nepal whitewater legend Anup Gurung is back with another masterpiece project. In the next five months, he and a team of top Nepali paddlers, aim to cross Nepal from east to west, paddling all the rivers on his way, but also explore, witness, and document his fast-changing, beloved country as it confronts globalisation. We are super proud here at kayak session to be aboard with this team and bring you regular updates on this amazing mission that goes way beyond kayaking.

Update #3, Kalchakra

We have been through some difficult times in the last days. As we were in one of the most remote place that one can be, Hari fell off a 10meters/ 30ft cliff and broke his pelvis, ribs and suffers from lung issues to be determined. Lots of bad rumor has spread around about Hari, so i would like to take advantage of this video to clarify the facts – He fell off cliff 30+- meters, he was never in a life and death critical situation, he fell after he was done peeing and he was as sober as one human can be. We don’t know how he didn’t break more bones, how he didn’t damage his internal organs and how he managed to walked back to get help. Here, I present you my friend THE SUPER HUMAN Hari Ale. With a heavy heart, we are leaving him behind for now. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming him back in the #missioneasttowest as soon as possible.

Shifting from the most remote place to the most chaotic place in a matter of an hour was shocking to my body, mind and soul. The only reason we learn to smile and move on is because of the loving and caring people we are surrounded by. Many thanks and Namaste to our SOS team Kripa Dongol, Maj. Rajiv Chand, Captain Sobit Gauchan, for making the Heli rescue fast and smooth and of course team member Tarjan Gurung and Roshan Lama who stayed awake all night to take care of Hari.

Paddlers: Hari Ali, Tarjan Gurung, Roshan Lama and Anup Gurung
Edit: Anup Gurung


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