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Minibus Wave Eating Kayakers 2

We see all the unbelievable moves at Stakeout and good lines, but follow TTP as he showcases some of the times where the waves are feeling slightly hungry for kayakers through this sick edit…

« Every year at some point in spring the Ottawa valley becomes home to one of the best freestyle kayaking waves in the world. Kayakers travel from all over to come and hopefully be here when the levels drop to between about 16.5 and 14 on the Shaggy gauge. Some of the world’s best are here each year trying to land huge tricks and smooth sequences. However… his wave bites. Despite all of these kayakers pulling off awesome tricks at some point during their surfs, at some point they all got sucked to the left where the pit is thrashy and surges can swallow a kayak whole. This video is made with the best intentions to enjoy the funny side of big water wave surfing. All of these paddlers would beat me in a freestyle competition and some of them are truly top level. There will be more videos coming soon from the high water of Eastern Canada!« 

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