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Level Six Beaters For All 2023 | Final Results

Throughout 2023 we saw a number of entries into the Beaters For All competition! Top quality beaters made it a tough decision with many factors adding up to final results.

We hope viewers and paddlers can learn from watching these entries and can be given knowledge in what to do if something does go wrong when we are out on the river!
A huge thanks to Level Six for joining us and generously helping with prizes.
So check out the Top 10 winners for Beaters For All below!!

1st Place: #28 Swimming Big Falls
By: Isaac Chrisman (USA)
WINS: $250 + Level Six Safety Kit

2nd Place: #9 The Dreaded Devils Pin
By: Paul Aubertin (France)
WINS: $150 + Level Six Safety Kit

3rd Place: #13 Mystery Slalom Move
By: Jules Bernardet (France)
WINS: $100 + Level Six Safety Kit

4th Place: #31 Definitely Don’t Try This at Home
By: Huw Butterworth (Wales)
WINS: 1-year subscription to Kayak Session Magazine

5th Place: #21 Not the Spot for a Backloop
By: Aaron Kofler (Austria)
WINS: 1-year subscription to Kayak Session Magazine

6th Place: #30 Zambezi Chain Reaction Beater
By: Emile Lalonde (Canada)
WINS: 1-year subscription to Kayak Session Magazine

7th Place: #12 Ejector Seat Etive
By: Nienke Ruijter (Netherlands)
WINS: 1-year subscription to Kayak Session Magazine

8th Place: #29 Broken Wrist on the Samana
By: Mael Nguyen (France)
WINS: 1-year subscription to Kayak Session Magazine

9th Place: #18 Shohola Falls Beater
By: James Malek (USA)
WINS: 1-year subscription to Kayak Session Magazine

10th Place: #32 Pesky Scottish Slabs
By: Ewan Campbell (Scotland)
WINS: 1-year subscription to Kayak Session Magazine

Check out all the 2023 Beaters For All Entries here

Disclaimer: Originally, we created the Beater For All Video Contest with fun beaters in mind (kayakers getting worked and swimming out of it (or not…) with a smile. However, we have been receiving more and more videos showing scary & sketchy situations, some being real close calls. This created a debate among us, enriched by comments from viewers: should we or should we not show those videos? By encouraging and magnifying carnage and beatering, do we promote it? Do viewers forget the dangers of kayaking? We think otherwise. We came to the conclusion that those videos can be educative and show how dangerous the sport of whitewater kayaking can be, and how nasty and quickly can a situation turn from funny to bad. By showing those videos, we firmly believe that these can create discussions and a space for exchange about what could/should have been done to avoid such situations, which will ultimately lead to increases in safety and river knowledge. Note, we never show videos in which people would get hurt badly, or even worse, showing fatal accidents. Last but least, the videos are submitted by their authors, most time the « victims » themselves. NB, We do not poach videos.

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