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2022 was for sure one for the books, with so many quality beaters!! The choice was hard, but here are the Level Six KINGS OF BEATERING 2022:

1st Place: #9 Impractical Di Buzzo
By: Paul Aubertin (France)
WINS: $250 + Level Six Safety Kit

2nd Place: #14 Una Waterfall Beater
By: Eliot Fleury (France)
WINS: $150 + Level Six Safety Kit

3rd Place: #17 Jori Jangling
By: Jakub Jaros
WINS: $100 + Level Six Safety Kit

4th Place: #18 Landeck Logs
By: Jonathan Greenwood
WINS: 1 – year subscription to KS

5th Place: #15 Wiki Wanda
By: Heath Bradley
WINS: 1 – year subscription to KS

6th Place: #5 Seal Launching into Beater 
By: Thomas Neime
WINS: 1 – year subscription to KS

7th Place: #3 Chain Beater on the Guiers Mort
By: Thomas Neime
WINS: 1 – year subscription to KS

8th Place: #21 Sticky Hole on the Agout
By: Los Bocadillos Del Rio
WINS: 1 – year subscription to KS

9th Place: #6 40 Seconds Beaters in NZ
By: Shilo Zhang
WINS: 1 – year subscription to KS

10th Place: # 40 Scottish Duo Beater
By: Nick Kuenkel and Patrick Kyle
WINS: 1 – year subscription to KS

Check out all the 2022 entries here.

Disclaimer: Originally, we created the Beater For All Video Contest with fun beaters in mind (kayakers getting worked and swimming out of it (or not…) with a smile. However, we have been receiving more and more videos showing scary & sketchy situations, some being real close calls. This created a debate among us, enriched by comments from viewers: should we or should we not show those videos? By encouraging and magnifying carnage and beatering, do we promote it? Do viewers forget the dangers of kayaking? We think otherwise. We came to the conclusion that those videos can be educative and show how dangerous the sport of whitewater kayaking can be, and how nasty and quickly can a situation turn from funny to bad. By showing those videos, we firmly believe that these can create discussions and a space for exchange about what could/should have been done to avoid such situations, which will ultimately lead to increases in safety and river knowledge. Note, we never show videos in which people would get hurt badly, or even worse, showing fatal accidents. Last but least, the videos are submitted by their authors, most time the « victims » themselves. NB, We do not poach videos.

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