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Published on novembre 2nd, 2020 | by Kayak Session https://www.kayaksession.com/img-current-issue/upload-your-video.png

Kayak Session #76 – Winter 2020

Mission: Bike2BoatTo the other side

Jens Klatt and Olaf Obsommer must be gluttons for punishment. The insatiable duo returned for the third rendition of the Bike2Boat tour, accompanied by Bren Orton and Adrian Mattern, for a slightly more “laid back” tour through the Tyrolean Alps. If you consider towing 70 kg 8000 kilometers and up 2500 meter passes laid back, that is.

Expedition: Rio Guayas – A second attempt at a first descent on one of Colombia’s wildest rivers

Deep in Colombia’s Southern Cordillera mountains lies the Guayas River, surrounded by coca fields and a zona roja that has kept it off the whitewater map. After hiking out in 2017, Lane Jacobs knew there was plenty of whitewater still to explore. In 2019, Jacobs returned to discover (almost) all the Guayas has to offer.

Exploration: Basecamp CascadiaA summer exploring the rivers of the North Cascades

With international travel off the table, Chris Korbulic was forced to shift his focus a little closer to home. After parking his Airstream trailer near Wenatchee, Washington, it was time to explore both the establishedclassics and first descents of the North Cascades.

Interview – Pete Astles

Whether on the water or in the design room, Peak UK Founder Pete Astles brings passion, discipline, and a keen eye for opportunity. And he isn’t stopping now. Pete shares his inspiration for three decades of success, plus a vision for the future that focuses first and foremost on the driving force behind it all: a love of rivers.


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