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Jocassee Quadruple Crown 2 of 4 – Toxaway (NC/SC, Usa)

The area surrounding Lake Jocassee is one of the prettiest places, located on the NC and SC border. The area has numerous rivers, but also massive waterfalls. Though the huge waterfalls aren’t runnable, almost every river that flows into the lake has at least one epic section located on it. This area has many rivers but there are 4 main ones that are famous for kayaking. The Toxaway, Horsepasture, Thompson, and the Whitewater. All located very close to each other, giving a golden opportunity if it rains hard. Although each could be an awesome day of kayaking in itself. After a big rain we decided to go for the Quad Crown, which is to run all 4 of the main sections of these rivers, all in one day. It had only been done once before by Michael Ferraro, and after a big storm we decided it was the perfect time to go for it. It was by far one of the sickest days of kayaking I’ve had.
Here’s the 2nd run of the day, the Toxaway.
Paddlers – Dakota Rodgers, Levi Rhodes, Ryan Macavoy & Dane Jackson
By: Dane Jackson

Watch Jocasssee Quad Crown Part 1 – the Whitewater river
>Watch Jocasssee Quad Crown Part 3 – the Horsepasture river
>Watch Jocasssee Quad Crown Part 4 – the Thompson river

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