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Published on février 7th, 2018 | by Kayak Session https://www.kayaksession.com/img-current-issue/upload-your-video.png

Interview Gerd and Aniol Serrasolses on the Newly Launched SBP Program

Gerd and Aniol Serrasolses need little introduction. Born and raised in Bescanó, a little town on the north east of Catalunya,  they got into kayaking pretty much by chance and from then on started their life journey searching for the gnarliest whitewater on the planet. During their professional career the Serrasolses brothers have paddled more than 300 rivers, established over 20 first descents, successfully accomplished many expeditions and both are proclaimed World Champions.

Based on their own experience of hard work and success, they decide to embark on a project that uses sports as a tool for empowerment and social change. The Serrasolses Brothers Program is a traveling kayaking camp that benefits children with talent and motivation but little means to paddle. The initiative was born out of their desire to give back through an educational program that supports the sustainable development of the international whitewater community.

When did you start dreaming about SBP and how did it finally come together?

It all started traveling… We’vee seen so many talented kids out there with precious habilities but little resources and opportunities. We wanted to help and do more for them. At some point we realized that the biggest impact we could have on their lifes , was to go to those places and put some of our time to teach them. About a year ago right after coming back from Pakistan we started planning

Where is the SBP tour kicking off?

We wanted to do the first Edition of this program in FUTA because of our connection with this area. A place that has given us so much throughout the years and with so much potential to create some Amazing athletes. The first stop is this February 2018 in Futaleufu, a town located in the northern region of Chilean Patagonia. Although the local whitewater community is still developing, the rivers of this place are worldwide recognized for the practice of kayaking and during the summer season, one of the main economic activities in the area is adventure tourism.

©Anup Gurung

Who will benefit from the program? 

We are stoked to have 6 children participating. We had a local ally in Futaleufu who identified within the community the group of young kayakers with the appropriate profile. The evaluation criteria considered age, level of ability, and socioeconomic background among other aspects. Throughout the course, these kids will be provided with all necessary support to make progress in the sport and become SBP ambassadors.

What is the curriculum like? 

On weekdays the course will take place mainly in the water and participants will paddle the Futaleufu River and it’s tributaries, the Espolon and the rio Azul. Weekends will be reserved for extracurricular activities that complement the outdoor education curriculum. Thanks to our partnerships with Futaleufu XL Fest and Futarivekeeper, the kids will be participating on competitions and conservation workshops. Make sure to follow us on instagram and facebook were we will be posting regular updates of the program’s process.

©Anup Gurung

Who is part of the Dreamteam behind this project? 

The first Edition of SBP is possible thanks to the committed support of IR, Red Bull, Watershed drybags, the local authorities of Futaleufu and our Amazing staff members Diana & Ali. Without them non of this would be possible so thank you for believing in this program and putting so much effort in to it !


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