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INSIDE the 2017 Green Race #9 – Carnage at Gorilla on Race Day

Carnage at Gorilla on Race Day – The Sights and Sounds of the 22nd Green Race
Once again the Green Race lived up to the hype. There were 140 racers. We had a state of the art timing system that kept time to the 1000th of a second (No more ties) The course record was broken by two people. There were many tales of victory and some tails of defeat but everyone stepped up to the plate and tried to post their time. The paddling crew included a hand paddling tandem group and our first ever Father and Son team paddling their own boats and then again in a tandem. The weather was warm, the leaves were in full fall color mode, and a huge crowd climbed down that ridiculous trail yet again to witness « The Greatest Show in Sports ».
To all the racers, though I laugh and joke, I never hope for anyone to get hurt and I will always wish for perfect lines for everyone. That said I have had my fair share of beat downs and carnage and I know it is pretty fun to watch. So drink your bootie beers and enjoy the ride.

This is my final post for this year. I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as i enjoyed producing it for ya’ll.

Thanks and see you on the water, Shane.

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