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Inside the 2015 Freestyle Worlds With EJ – Ep6, Men C1 Prelims

C1 Prelims – First heat of C1ers went OFF!   Of course you can expect Jordan Poffenberger to kill it and he did with 4 good rides, but Seth Chappell who was struggling in practice two weeks ago, threw down for some amazing rides and high scores leading the pack after three rides.

PH1_9293 2

Seth Chapell (Usa) ©kayaksession.com/ P. Holcombe

Sebastien from France had 3 awesome rides in a row also, and is a way better C1er than he was in 2013 for the NOC worlds.  At that worlds he looked like a kayaker doing C1.  Now he looks quite at home in the C1 and was paddling like a champ.    Zach Zwanenberg was in 3rd until the final ride where he had a massive ride to pull the lead for that heat with a combined score of 883 points.


Seb Devred ©kayaksession.com/ P. Holcombe

In heat 2 we have Chris McDermott- who was in the Canadian freestyle team many years ago and still looks super sharp with strong, but not winning rides.    Dane is in heat 2 and his first ride was the highest scoring ride of the Prelims so far.    His second ride, however, he flushed right away and luckily he has 2 more rides to go for his favorite spot.


Jordan Poffenberger ©kayaksession.com/ P. Holcombe

Third rides, however, saw Dane throw a 700 pointer to put him at 1200 points, almost 400 points over second place and securing the top spot going into Semi-Finals…

There were some other fun to watch rides, but the first heat brought the heat, other than Dane.

The top 10 spots competing for Semi-finals tomorrow…

  1. Dane Jackson- USA- 1263
  2. Zach Zwanenberg- Canada- 863
  3. Seth Chappell- USA- 851
  4. Sebastien Devred- France- 825
  5. Jordan Poffenberger- USA- 768
  6. Brad McMillan- USA- 566
  7. Lukas Cervinka- Czech Republic- 443
  8. Chris McDermott- Canada- 370
  9. Vincent Dupont- Canada- 353
  10. James Ibbotson- England- 260

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