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id10t5 – Ep2. Not as Good as Hurley

Episode 2 of the famous trilogy from the Peak UK movies from the 1990′s… 

Id10t5 is a great photo of what was the British freestyle scene about in the late 90’s. Through different sessions and events, you can pretty much spot all the big names of those days as well as their favorite spots. In those days Freestyle was also called Rodeo.

As for the title of this episode, extreme paddler, Shawn Baker superstar of extreme boating in the 80’s and 90’s and Hurley local, used to consider nothing as good as Hurley… it is a private joke within the UK scene when it comes down talking about Hurley and other spots.

Enjoy… and yes, « nothing is as good as Hurley!!!

id10t5 – Ep2. Not as Good as Hurley: Produced & edited by: Pete Astle/ Peak UK.
Soundtrack from Burdock.


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