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Himalayan Freestyle Kayak Championship 2017

Successful second edition of Himalayan Freestyle Kayak Championships, run by Nepal Kayak and Canoe Club on the Trishuli River, Nepal,  February 2nd 2017.

« We chose the Trisuli River for this event as it is one of the most iconic rivers in Nepal. Generations of safety kayakers and raft guides have grown up along its banks, and it is one of the most run rivers for tourist rafting trips. Today around 90 percent of the paddling community in Nepal come from this area » states Anup Gurung (one of the founder of the Nepal kayak  club).


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Increasingly we are seeing a rise in our community of talented and skilled freestyle kayakers in Nepal. There is a high demand for more challenging and varied events, so the team at Nepal Kayak and Canoe Club were proud to organise the second edition of Himalayan Freestyle Kayak Championships.


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On the day of the competition, during 45-second runs, 36 paddlers performed various moves and tricks which were scored by official judges. Never before in Nepal has there been such a large number of paddlers performing such technical and difficult tricks. There was serious air time and huge moves.


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At Nepal Kayak and Canoe Club, our ethos is to educate, empower and encourage the growth of immense talent in Nepali paddlers. As part of this progression, the organisation for this event was passed to our younger members who worked together to put on two days of competition, beach parties and screenings of award winning kayak movies. It was an awesome few days of relaxing, cheering, drinking, partying, dancing on the beach and witnessing some cool and huge freestyle kayak tricks.


Anup Gurung and Bishnu Gurung the motivators of the younger generation in Nepal ©Santosh Rai/kayaksession.com

Thank you to all our supporters and sponsors who continue to support our events and the growth of our athletes and guides.

>>>Watch the Event Video Report

Below are the championship tables:
1st – Ram Maya Chepang
2nd – Goma Sunuwar
3rd – Sofia Dahiborn

1st – Rohit Shrestha
2nd – Binod Gurung
3rd – Kushal Gurung

1st – Dipak Maharjan
2nd – Suman Tamang
3rd – Surjan Tamang

The third edition of Himalayan Freestyle Kayak Championship will be held 2nd February 2018 on Trisuli River, see you then!


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