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« Great Start. » | CADILLACS 6.5k

Follow Dane Jackson down the Cataracts of the Kern at a mega 6.5k! A rare California run which has been in a few times already this year!

« CADILLACS OF THE KERN 6.5k CFS The Cataracts of the Kern is one of the best sections out there, but takes a special year for them to come in. This year not only are they back in but they in are in with ABUNDANCE. The highest flows previously were in the mid 5,000s, and this year they are already in the 6,000’s, with it expected to go higher. Although the entire section had been done in the 5k and below, with the extra flow it is going to take some scouting to find the best lines at these flows. Luckily Tad and Driscoll were down to get the process started with the upper section called the « Cadillacs », into the warm up section. In the end it was a dope start, and hopefully we will break into the lower section soon!« 

By: Dane Jackson

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