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Feel the Flow – (Entry # 41 – Short Film of the Year Awards 2014)

The film was made in February 2014 in UAE and it describes training of athlete Vavrinec Hradilek from Czech Republic. World Champion in kayaking Vavrinec Hradilek loves water and water loves loves him. We filmed the preparation and training in the United Arab Emirates in Wadi Adventure Park. From the first moment, when he was thrown into the pool to learn to swim, the water became his passion. In kayaking then found everything he needed – adrenaline, competition, fighting spirit, energy, losing, winning and especially joy. As he says: Water is my element. I’m fighting, but at the same time trying to understand it. Feel the Flow – (Entry # 41 – Short Film of the Year Awards 2014)

By: Alzbeta Janackova From: Czech republic.

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