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EkstremsportVeko 2017 – Myrkdalen DownHill Race Report + Results + Gallery

Organizers were forced to move the first Kayak race of the Ekstremsport Veko from the Brandseth river  to the nearby Myrkdalen due to extremely low water levels. The mix of sunshine, super high level of competition, spectators in mass, great organization and above all a nice race course made it for an amazing day .

Voss is blessed with so many incredible runs. While a low Brandseth was cancelled, the nearby Myrkdalen made it for a perfect replacement ©ekstremveko/kayaksession.com

Dag Sandvik owner of Kayak Voss the local kayak school introducing hundreds of Norvegian to kayaking every year ©ekstremveko/kayaksession.com

Julian Stoker on his way to 5th Place ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Kamilla Sporsheim ©ekstremveko/kayaksession.com

« The race course was tricky and plenty of room for mistakes » Adrian Mattern.

It was once again Dane Jackson who got the fastest time and took the win, followed by the « kiwi local » Jamie Sutton, and Michele Ramazza from Italy, Bren Orton and Julian Stocker finishing the top 5. The best 20 paddlers will compete tomorrow on the last section of the same river, for the Holy Diver Giant Slalom. Stay tuned!

By: Jacques Gilardone

Myrkdalen DownHill Race Top 5 – 

(Full Video report to follow)

 Position Bib Women Class
1 5 Zasterova Pavlina 3:09.27  CZ Rep.
2 3 Sporsheim Kamilla 3:13.33  Norway
3 1 LEPINE Capucine THOMAS 3:25.22  France
4 6 Brabcová Bety 3:33.32  CZ Rep.
5 4 Kallioniemi Eveliina 3:34.93  Finland
 Position  Bib  Men Class
1 54 Jackson Dane 2:36.79  Usa
2 42 Sutton Jamie 2:38.78  Nz
3 38 Ramazza Michele 2:44.07  Italy
4 29 Orton Bren  2:47.79  GB
5 64 Stocker Julian 2:47.88  Switzerland


When in Voss you’re pretty sure to bump into whitewater legends … Here Mike Abbott and Alan Ellard two of the finest boaters the sport have ever seen ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Jamie Sutton en route for silver ©ekstremsportveko / kayaksession.com

Nicolas Caussanel from France ©ekstremsportveko / kayaksession.com

German Paddler Adrian Mattern missed his run today which unfortunately will not allow him to compete in the new event the Holy Diver Giant Slalom ©ekstremsportveko / kayaksession.com

French race machine and 2016 Green Race winner Eric Deguil. ©ekstremsportveko / kayaksession.com

Dane Jackson in Action driving his new Jackson Kayak Nirvana like a formula 1 ©ekstremsportveko / kayaksession.com

Being located near Voss helps to bring the public to see races ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

British paddler Bren Orton on his way to 4th place ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

The entry drop caught more than one paddler today pushing them too far right and making them loose precious time ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Mark Basso Cheering with the Frenchies ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

It was really important to stay left at the bottom of the first drop…©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Julian Stocker hanging waiting for his run ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com


Dane Jackson and Eric Deguil ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Dag Sandvik ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Local paddler Kamilla Sporsheim  ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Dag Sandvik ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Zasterova Pavlina ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com



Nicolas Caussanel ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com


Derek Murphy (Ireland) ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Recent winner of the King of the Alps, Michele Ramazza from Italy ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Bren Orton ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Derek Murphy from Ireland who is now based out of Voss ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Bren Orton ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Bety Brabcova ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

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