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Ecuador River Institute Fundraiser

Join the cause to safeguard Ecuador’s free-flowing rivers and show your support for @ecuadorianrivers as they strive to protect these vital waterways. By taking action, you not only contribute to the preservation of Ecuador’s rivers but also help defend the local communities that rely on them, the health of the Amazon River Basin, and the overall biodiversity of our planet. To amplify the message, kayaking serves as a compelling platform for advocating for these pristine environments.

Make a donation through the link HERE to support the ongoing efforts of the ERI in safeguarding Ecuador’s rivers. Your contribution will not only aid in their important work but also grant you entries into an exciting prize drawing. By participating, you stand a chance to win a ___ from us!

Your support will help combat the threats posed by mining (both legal and illegal), deforestation, hydro-projects, and new oil developments, all of which jeopardise the integrity of Ecuador’s rivers and the communities that inhabit their surroundings. Act now to protect these invaluable natural resources and ensure a sustainable future for all.

Check Out The Fundraiser Link Here

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