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Coffee with Chips – A downstream diary: Destination Ayasse, Italy

Follow Palm Equipment’s team paddler Chips (Andy Kettlewell) on his everlasting gap year, travelling with his kayaks in search of the best water levels, cleanest waves, and finest coffee. Join him as he shares his adventures and the stoke with you, our amazing community.

« After a week life styling and enjoying the Valsesia River Festival it was time to explore a little further. A dream of Chips’ has been to paddle the Ayasse river in the Aosta valley around a 2 hour drive west from Valsesia. Paddling a new river always brings a new sense of thoughts and feelings but nonetheless, done right, with the right crew and motivations these can be some of the most rewarding days out on the river. This day certainly for filled Chips’ dream! *fuelled on Maccies coffee 🤔« 

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