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CALL FOR DONATIONS – Dam Project Restoration Announced on the Murg (Germany)

Participate in a community driven effort to restore paddling down the Murg, by auto financing passage-ways.

The Murg is a classic for boaters of all levels. A real shame to this run go ©Andreas Hantl

The Murg is a river of unique character in south western Germany. As soon as the rain provides enough water, it attracts kayakers from all over Germany and even France and Switzerland. It is one of Germany’s most frequented river, being an ideal playground for kayakers. The middle section is a bliss for advanced and expert kayakers, while the lower section is of moderate difficulty. Less experienced paddlers and clubs find an ideal learning environment. Unfortunately, this soon could change. Several dams are located on this section and have so far been easy to pass or portage. But the scheduled reconstructions would make it impossible to run or even portage them, turning the former paddling paradise into an un-runnable section.

Killers. Low head dams are one of kayakers biggest nightmare© Uwe Merkel

The dams are being turned into box weirs, causing dangerous hydraulics. A swimmer getting caught has no chance of escape. This form of dam constructions has already caused fatal accidents. Ramps, enabling a kayaker to safely pass the dam, are not planned to be implemented by the dam operators. An initiative of kayakers and canoe and kayak federations has formed, communicating with the dam operators and the relevant authorities to obtain the rights to construct ramps and passage-ways at their own costs, also collecting the funds to have the means to finance the projects.


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