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2014 OutdoorMix Festival Ride & Party

2nd Edition of the OUTDOORMIX FESTIVAL: Four days of “Ride & Party” in the Durance Valley, France.

We came, we saw and we almost conquered the hot parties of Outdoormix Festival 2014. As a proud media partner, the Kayak Session team came to the French Alps to support the second edition of this crazy event that unites the outdoor sports and artist communities around a fresh concept that everybody can enjoy: Ride & Party.

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Despite the significant logistics involved in running the Outdoor Mix Festival, organizers once again impressed the crowd with smooth operations this year. With a headquarters set up in town at the base of the valley, athletes and spectators traveled daily to various competition sites up the Durance. The event map was clearer this year so it was easier for the public to travel around stopping here and there to watch the show put on by eight different sports: Kayak, Slackline, Longboard, SUP, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Paragliding and Biking. In addition to the competitions and demos, sports clinics held in town were a big draw for the family-oriented spectators.


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The kayaking competition had all the elements to make a perfect week of whitewater fun: Sunny, hot weather, rising water levels, cold beers, paddlers from five countries and a mix of extreme racers and freestylers.  For this first step of the AWP World Series 2014, there were four races on four gorgeous rivers: Sprint on the Guisane, Slalom on the Gyronde, Boater Cross on the Durance and finally the Long Race on the Guil. The Freestyle competition was held on Sunday and was open to any and all racers who wanted to compete.


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In kayak results, Eric Deguil (FRA) won the overall race title ahead of Michal Buchtel (CZE) with David Pierron (FRA) in third.  Maxime Mitaut (FRA) took in 5th place in overall race results and had the best combined race and freestyle results, earning him the title of “King of Outdoormix.”

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In River SUP, the main focus was to gather athletes and showcase this growing discipline through an original lineup of races. Amidst a great buzz about the sport, 15 athletes from France and Germany came to compete in this stop on the SUP River Tour.


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After 3 very lively parties, kayakers stayed on the Sunday to enjoy the final private party and even more crazy open bar. With about 300 athletes and 5000 people at the parties, the event was a huge success thanks to the crew’s hard work in creating a safe and easy-going atmosphere.  Only in its second year, and destined to join the line up as one of the major European sport events, just wait and see what next year’s Outdoor Mix Festival will bring! For more info go to www.outdoormixfestival.com / FB: Outdoor Mix Festival

1 – DEGUIL ERIC (Fra) 0 12 0 0 12
2 – BUCHTEL MICHAL (Cze) 2 0 9 3 14
3 – PIERRON DAVID (Fra) 5 4 5 5 19
4 – SARASOLA MIKEL (Spain) 6 8 2 4 20
5 – MITAUT MAXIME (Fra) 7 5 3 6 21
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