Short Film of the Year Awards 2015 – How to participate

HOW IT WORKS: A 3 steps contest

  • The first step is to submit your film.
  • The next is to make the final cut, which will include the top six films and will be announced on December 1st 2015. **Important note: 50% of your score for this first round  is based on the online views your entry gets. It is your job to promote your entry to earn online views. Therefore, the sooner you submit your film, the greater your chances are to make it to the final.
  • Then, of course, the ultimate step is to win the final.

 NB:The top six, as well as the overall winner, will be selected by a panel of whitewater professionals and filmmakers. The judges call on round 1 and round 2 counts for 50% of your score. The other 50% are called upon online video views for round 1, and online votes for round 2.


  •  Your film must be under 5 minutes long. (intro and closing screen NOT included).
  • No sponsor logos
  • When your movie is ready, upload it onto our ftp account (you can get the ftp details by sending us an email with the form below). Once your movie has been approved, we will put it up online.

STEP 1: EN ROUTE TO THE FINAL CUT  (The top 6 movies)

  • Entry period: April 1st – Dec 1st 2015.
  • Panel Selection of Top Films: December 1st – December 15th 2015
  • Final Cut Announcement (Top 6 Finalists) : December 20th.

**Reminder: 50% of the score is based on the online views your entry gets. It is your job to promote your entry to earn online views.

Between December 20th  and the end of December, the jury & the public will vote for the top three short films of the year!!
**Important note: 50% of the final score is based on online votes on kayaksession.com and Epictv.com



Important note: If your file is too big it will be hard to load and harder to score a lot of views. So try a good compromise between quality and viewing ease. It is also your responsibility to use music you have the right to).

The top 6 entries will be asked to send a higher resolution movie for big screen viewing.
The winners will be announced at the end of December 2015.

Contest judged by a panel of whitewater specialists and filmmakers. Criteria for selection are cinematography, editing, image quality, storytelling, creativity, and, of course, kayak performance.

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