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Calling All River Lovers – AW Needs You!

The hydropower industry is behind legislation that spells bad news for rivers across the country, and we expect the House to vote on it this weekPaddler’s voices are especially important right now to protect rivers impacted by hydropower dams.

 H.R. 8, the “North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act,” is a comprehensive energy bill with hydropower provisions that, if passed, will make American Whitewater’s job of restoring flows to rivers impacted by hydropower extremely challenging. It will also have far-reaching implications for water quality, fish and wildlife and protecting public lands.

Chelan dewatered OKeefe

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  For decades, state and federal agencies and tribes have been able to ensure that hydropower dams operate in a way that supports all of the things that make a river a river. American Whitewater, our river conservation partners and local communities work closely with these agencies to protect river values like clean water, fish and wildlife, and recreation. The hydropower provisions in H.R. 8 would significantly weaken the authority of these agencies, tipping the scales to favor hydropower at the expense of local communities.

Chelan meme

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  The House is voting this week. Please take a moment to reach out to your Representatives today. We’ve made it easy through our friends at Outdoor Alliance to ask your Representative to oppose any legislation that would weaken the public’s ability to protect their local rivers. If you’ve enjoyed whitewater recreation flows on rivers with hydropower dams, we encourage you to share your personal experiences.

 Thanks for taking action. It really, truly does make a difference!

More info go to : http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/Article/view/articleid/32435/

 P.S. The photo is of the Chelan River in Washington, dewatered by hydropower before AW worked to restore whitewater flows. You can learn more about it here. Success stories like these are what’s at risk if the hydropower provisions of the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2015 pass.

©cover photo courtesy of Fran Reisner

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